Behavioral Biometrics Will Restructure the Authentication Landscape in the Next 5–8 Years

Behavioral biometrics can persistently authenticate a user utilizing existing mobile sensors. This will finally eliminate passwords. Persistent multifactor identity based primarily on behavioral biometrics can be established using sensors that already exist in the vast majority of smartphones in market. This will irrevocably alter the authentication landscape and will enable entirely new players to become authentication market leaders.

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Related Concerns

If you find this piece of interest and would like to explore this issue further, possible proprietary project work could be done to examine questions like these:

  • What will the authentication value chain look like in the future, and with what impact on your firm?

  • How will cloud authentication affect existing solutions, and how should authentication solutions be deployed to leverage this shift?

  • How can behavioral biometrics be implemented to protect online assets while enabling a smooth transition?

  • What is the likely impact of "zero-knowledge proof" algorithms on existing identity solutions?

  • What will be the impact on current and future investments in authentication technology?

  • How can your organization take advantage of this market shift?

  • How will the transition affect operational systems and customer interactions across all channels? Which channels first?

  • How might an organization leverage the concept of self-sovereign identity to establish a consumer-friendly, differentiated market position?

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