Now Is the Time to Develop an AI Business Plan Beyond Fraud

The white collar robot is around the corner. Machine learning tirelessly executes simple tasks better than humans.

Machine learning (ML) is a powerful analytic tool to deploy today, but it also represents the next phase of business automation and even software development. ML learns by observation and tries to perform a task and will improve its performance over time based on the positive and negative feedback it receives. ML is applied to improve analytic insights such as predictions and fraud detection for payments, but it will ultimately help automate the onboarding, provisioning, and dispute processes and change all business operations as we know them.

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Related Concerns

If you find this piece of interest and would like to explore this issue further, possible proprietary project work could be done to examine questions like these:

  • How should my institution or department develop a strategic plan for machine learning?

  • How do we select a machine learning platform?

  • What machine learning platforms will we ultimately need to integrate?

  • How will authentication systems that utilize ML be used across other channels and platforms?

  • How frequently do consumers today utilize natural language interfaces, and how will this drive demand for financial institutions?

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